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Wednesday, May 6, 2009


The Most Prestigious Five Pulitzer awards 2009 came in search of New York Times for, Investigative Journalism, International Reporting, Feature Photography, Critics, and Breaking News.
The Jury announced, The First Public Service Award, for Reporting, which went to beautify Las Vegas Sun, for reporting the existing death rates among the construction workers in the cities biggest construction sites.
It is said that Wall Street Journal which received 8 awards in the past Ten years, could not manage any, after Mardoke took over as its chief.
The Times was honored with 7 last year, Washington post won 6 in 2005, and the Los Angels Times received 5 in 2004.
No Pulitzers were awarded for coverage of the biggest Recession ever, since depression.
The Award for Investigative Journalism came in search of David of New York Times for Reports on legalizing the war in Iraq,
Feature Photography award, went to adorn Damon Winter of New York Times for his Photographs, during the Election Campaign of Barrack Obama and the Critics Award conferred to Holland cotton of New York Times.
The Detroit Free Press was granted the award, in local reporting for exposing an extramarital affair between the Mayor and his aide, who lost his office and served 99 days in Prison.
Patrick Farrell of Miami Herald attained the award, in Breaking News Photography for his Images of the destruction left by the Hurricane in Haiti.
The awards for Explanatory Reporting went to crown Bettina Boxell and Julie cart of Los Angels Times for their examination of Wild Fires in the West.
The Awards for World Reporting was shared by The Detroit Free Press and East Valley Tribune , while St. Peters Berg Times took away the award for National Reporting.
Elizabeth was honored for her Fiction” Olive Kitteridge”.
The Award for Drama “RUINED” went to crown Lynn Notage , A Stage Play about Brutality in Congo, and Mervin for his poetry “ The Shadow of Sirius” .